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The Electoral district of Doncaster is a metropolitan electorate of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, located approximately 13 kilometres north-east of Melbourne. It is part of the Upper House Eastern Metropolitan Region.

A residential suburban electorate, Doncaster features gardens and reserves, shopping centres and sports amenities.

Prior to 1976, the area of Doncaster/Templestowe was included in the seats of South Bourke, Evelyn, Mernda and Box Hill. In 1976 the seat of Doncaster was created by splitting it from the seat of Box Hill as the population grew.

The area was once renowned for growing apples. Some tall stands of pine trees that formed windbreaks around the orchards are still visible in and around Doncaster and in the Pine Ridge area of Donvale.

Map of Doncaster

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Doncaster covers 25 square kilometres and comprises parts of the suburbs of Doncaster, Doncaster East and Donvale.

What the 2011 Census says about Doncaster...

In Doncaster, we are a healthy, vibrant, diverse and multicultural community. The release of the 2011 Census data allows a comparison of Doncaster in relation to other State electorates. For your interest, I have put together some data which demonstrates areas in which the Doncaster electorate features in the top 10 and bottom 10 of electorate’s state wide.

Census Data about Doncaster

Please click here for the 2011 census data about the Doncaster electorate:

In The Top 10 of Electoral Districts
In The Bottom 10 of Electoral Districts

Things I like about Doncaster

Ruffey Lake Park

A great place for a family picnic. Jamison and I love to play on the adventure playground.

Schramms Cottage

Has a historical association with the early Lutheran settlement. It is a significant local icon to be preserved. Dating back from 1875 it was used as a house and Lutheran school owned and run by a German Immigrant, Max von Schramm. A reminder of the early settlement and the arrival of immigrants from overseas

Mullum Mullum Creek Reserve

We often go for a Sunday Afternoon walk at Mullum Mullum Creek Reserve. My husband Andrew and I see it as a great place to relax, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a magnificent array of flora and fauna. While my son Jamison never fails to be captivated by the birds flying between the trees.

Pocket Parks and Neighbourhood Reserves

Doncaster is traditionally renowned for its large areas of open space. The pocket and neighbourhood parks in Doncaster provide families with safe, open spaces within walking distance from homes.


All the community organisations I visit introduce me to wonderful people who volunteer each week with them. Whether it is the Men’s Shed, Doncare or U3A, people across Doncaster are out helping others, and enjoying it themselves along the way!

Diverse Community Culture

It is terrific to see respect and tolerance for all cultures and religions.

Local Business

The enormous variety of strip shopping and the warm, friendly local business owners make shopping in Doncaster so enjoyable. There’s nothing like personal service from a shop owner to ensure you get exactly what you were looking for.

Sporting Clubs

We have a society where there is a growing concern about an epidemic of obesity among children. We need to promote healthy living and outdoor recreation is a vital part of that. It’s great to see young people out and enjoying sport.


Shoppingtown is etched in my memory from my shopping experiences as a young child when my mother would take me to Myers for some new clothes or shoes. We're lucky to have a local choice between strip shopping and a large shopping centre.

Manningham Gallery

The outstanding artwork of local artists which includes a broad range of visual arts, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, drawing, photography, furniture and multi media. A great place to escape for a little while!


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