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Crime in Eltham

Friday, June 23, 2017

Overall the crime statistics released last week reflect a very concerning and ongoing trend since the Andrews Labor government was elected, with crime rising nearly 35 per cent in Nillumbik and 10 per cent in Banyule. Drug offences have risen nearly 66 per cent in Nillumbik and by over 57 per cent in neighbouring Banyule since this government was elected. In particular there has been a very dramatic rise in methamphetamine offences, with Banyule recording a 332 per cent rise since 2014 and Nillumbik an increase of 280 per cent. Drug taking has serious impacts like violent crime and aggravated burglary issues, as well of course as the direct impact on the individuals themselves.

These issues are of great concern to Eltham residents. Residents are reporting to me that they are concerned about these law and order issues, particularly home invasions and burglaries. They believe drug-related crime is a very big problem, and they are afraid that drug-affected people will accost them on buses and trains or that they will be hassled in the streets and shopping centres.

Residents' perceptions of their personal safety have changed, and not for the better. They tell me they feel they are unable to walk their dogs at night. They want to feel safe in their homes, they want tougher sentences and they want more police on patrol, but they are not getting these things from the Andrews Labor government. This is an unacceptable state of affairs, and Daniel Andrews and his government need to take action to change this.

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